Springbok slot Casino – sign up and get a lot of bonuses

General information

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good casino to play your favorite slots every year. Although the gaming industry does not stand still, developing daily and using more and more new and modern technologies and methods, very few good casinos are opened nevertheless.

And all because in order for the gambler to be comfortable on a particular playground, it is necessary that many aspects be taken into account when developing it.

Today we will talk about Casino Springbok. This is one of the Real Time Gaming casinos.

What can you say right away about this playground? It has been operating for more than 7 years, so it is safe to say that this casino deserves the attention of gamblers, otherwise it would be an impossible task to overcome the mark even at 6 years old in the conditions of such fierce competition.

By going to the site www.springbokcasino.co.za we will be on its main page, the design of the casino looks quite simple, everything is done in green colors, and under the name of the casino you can see a small inscription Best in South Africa.

Is this really so? We still have to deal with this, so let’s start our review in order.


Two ways to play

If you compare Casino Springbok with most other casinos of our time, you will notice a distinctive feature.

This game platform can work for you in two modes. That is, you can play any slots provided by this casino from a browser by going to a specific section of the site. But at the same time, if you have a desire, then you can download the casino application and play almost offline without using your browser.

It all works quite simply. By following the link springbokcasino.co.za, you will find yourself on the site of this casino.

Further, to play the slots, you will need to decide on the most suitable way for you. As for the game using the browser, this is the simplest method that does not require additional downloads and troubles. You simply register an account, make a deposit and play every time you visit the casino website.

But, if you download the application, then you definitely will not regret it. Firstly, it’s not worth worrying about its safety, because Springbok Casino has all the necessary licenses to operate, in addition, it has been a competitor in this field since 2012, so there is no way to pick up a virus by downloading the application from the official site.

This application will help optimize the operation of all slots that are in the Springbok slot Casino. They will work even better than when used from a browser.

In addition to this, you will no longer need to go to the site each time to play your favorite games. You just install the application once, go through a simple registration process, then log in and forget about it.

In the future, you just need to start the application and your account will automatically open. If you want to remove such a function, then to do this is also not difficult, using the resources of your personal account.

In general, the decision is only yours, but the Casino Springbok application is a great method to improve the graphics of slots on not very powerful computers, to make the game more pleasant and convenient.


Mobile version

Attention all Springbok Casino customers are given the opportunity to play not only using their personal computer or laptop, but also using a mobile phone, tablet or other smart device.

You can take the casino with you on the road, to work or to any other place and play when it is convenient for you and there is a desire. Now there is no binding to one place at the computer, everything is in your hands.

What do you need to play with your phone? You only need the same account, the Internet, as well as a browser. There is no need to download additional software, no matter what operating system your phone has, you can use the services of Springbok Casino.

The only negative is that not all slots are available in the mobile version of the site, nevertheless you will definitely find what to do with yourself for a long time.

By the way, if you have an Android device, you can also download the casino application, which will also improve the emotions that you get from the game. But if you do not have memory on your phone or the desire to install it, then you can do nothing.


Sign up

Like on any other gambler platform, registering in a casino is your first step towards victory, so you have to sign up.

This is a one-time process, after which you will always use one account. Moreover, according to the rules of the site, it is forbidden to have more than one account, so if you have problems logging in, you will need to restore your password or access to your personal account, otherwise you may not be able to play.

So, registration begins after clicking on the Sign Up button. You will be redirected to the registration page, where you will see a simple form consisting of three main steps, in each of which you need to fill in some fields with information.

In order to go through the first step, you will need to enter information such as full name, email, username, as well as think up and enter the password twice. After you are done with this, do not rush to rejoice, because there are still two simpler, but still steps ahead.

Next, you will need to indicate the country of your residence as well as the state, after that the city, zip code and address.

Well, and finally, indicate your phone, if you want to receive notifications in one of the selected ways, then put all the necessary checkmarks.

Do not worry about spam, you will receive only the most important notifications about the state of your game balance, about various promotions in casinos and others. If all this does not interest you, then just leave these fields unchecked. But in any case, to complete the registration process and play in the casino, you must be of legal age.

If you are not yet 18 years old, then for you such a vacation is still prohibited.

Access to the casino is also available to residents of far from all countries. Naturally, the region of South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and most modern countries and their inhabitants have access to Springbok Casino, but there are also enough to block it on their territory.


Deposit methods

Indeed, there are many options for making a deposit at Casino Springbok.

You will find the most convenient method and you can use it at any time of the day. In this case, the minimum deposit amount varies depending on the method you choose. In addition to this, the money will be credited to your account immediately after the transfer is completed, after which it can be used for the game.

In order to put money into your account, go to the website www.springbokcasino.co.za, then we need to log in and find a special section in your account. Going to it, you will immediately see many options for translations, you just have to choose the most suitable option. After that, you can calmly enter all your details and confirm the payment. The deposit page is completely secure and encrypted so that attackers could not in any way even try to steal the data of your cards or wallets.

Just follow the instructions on the website and you can make your first deposit absolutely easily and safely, after which you will receive a pleasant bonus.

The only negative, but rather the inconvenience, is the currency used in this casino. Here you can only bet in the Rands, there are no US dollars or euros that are familiar to all, which may confuse some users.

But, since this is a costumed casino, this is a fully explained feature.



In any case, sooner or later, you may have questions of various types. For example, what to do if the slot laid in the middle of scrolling and other technical and gaming features.

In this case, you can always ask for help from a valiant support team that is ready to answer any questions and solve any difficulties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any casino player has two ways to contact support staff. The first is the fastest convenient and automated. Live chat with a support representative is really the most convenient method for any gambler.

Firstly, you can ask absolutely any of your questions in real time, which is very convenient in order to describe in detail the essence of the problem and understand how to solve it. Secondly – this is the fastest way, because the response time of staff on average is less than a minute. You just go into the chat and you can already ask absolutely everything that interests you.

Well, if you are not a fan of this method, or if you want to receive your answer in the mail, then you can always get in touch with this method. Just write a letter to [email protected], then immediately after it is received by support, you will be notified about this, and a little later you will receive an answer to your question.

But in this case, it is immediately better to describe in detail everything that interests you, because the answer can be long in coming, and if the staff has additional questions for you, it will only extend the waiting time.



Use the free play function to test slots. And in order to receive a welcome bonus, you will need to enter a coupon code.

Casino Springbok offers bonuses for the first three replenishment. In this case, the first deposit will be doubled, for which you need to enter the bonus code SPRINGBOK100. The second and third deposits can be increased by 50%, for which you will need to use another promotional code SPRINGBOK50 twice.

In addition to such a nice present, you can also use the no deposit code TEST-SPRINGBOK and receive 250P in your account.

These are far from all the promotions that Springbok Casino customers can please, besides them there is a special VIP club, cashback, and many other goodies.



To summarize our review. The ability to download the application to play offline is a great plus compared to other casinos. In addition, many bonuses will please new and old casino customers.

The quality of the slots is at a high level, there is something to do for a long time. The quick and easy registration process also plays a significant role.

A huge number of payment methods for the convenience of users. No deposit code 2021 is also a rarity.

So, you should definitely visit this casino, because of the minuses it is worth noting only the absence of live casinos and only one currency with which you can bet.